Digital Literacy

Description: Do tweets have you all a'twitter? Think MySpace is a decorating show on HGTV? Do wikis sound like the yurt's primitive housing cousin? Do you use your cell phone just to talk to people? Come improve your digital literacy knowledge and skills at this session with Dr. Lynne Herr from ESU 6. Lynne will discuss blogs, wikis, cell phone applications, and new tools to help you better understand the world of the digital natives.

Presenter: Dr. Lynne Herr

Twitter : What are you doing? What have you heard? Find out what others are doing and thinking about!

Wikispaces : What an easy way to build your own web site? A place for students or colleagues to collaborate?

Facebook : Who are your friends? What are you doing? Planning a high school or college reunion?

Caring Bridge or Carepages : If you have a serious illness in your family, these sites can allow friends and family to provide support and stay up-to-date about your progress and treatment.

Google SMS or Chacha will put that text messaging service on your cell phone to good use!

Cell phones in the Classroom ? Want to know more about cell phones as an educational tool?

K-12 Classroom Cell Phone Projects Check out this wiki for examples of projects that utilize cell phones for learning.